Updated: Aug 13

By Damilola Gbinigie

Rain may be seen as a disruptor to everyday lives as it disarranges hair styles, drench well thought out clothes styling and unsettle a well-planned day, but when you experience the challenges faced by citizens living in a drought ridden country you will very quickly begin to realise how much of a blessing rain is to us all.  Is it the crop failures, loss of livestock through the inability to feed them, insufficient food leading to malnutrition and other illnesses. They will bath endlessly in joy at the sight of rainfall.   

We may complain about winter and how endless the cold weather may seem preventing us from enjoying outdoor pursuit but there is the choice to layer up.  Don’t forget about the people that live in hot climates who have to carry on their daily business in very hot and sweaty atmosphere. 

The month of Ramadan is a month in which Muslims take time to remember those that are without the things we take for granted such as immeasurable clean water, variety of food in abundance, comfortable dwellings with modern appliances.  It is also a time than ever before to engage in charitable activities within the community such as giving way to other drivers, donating to charity, giving up time to volunteer for neighbours and charity organisations and so on.

The month of Ramadan it is a good time to take stock of the simple blessings we have in our lives.  

Ramadan Kareem 


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