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It’s the Women Who Make Some Succeed Where Others Fail

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

It’s the Women Who Make Some Men Succeed Where Others Fail
-Rag haween ayaa kala hor mariya (Somali)

Somalis are a people who when it comes to the spoken word take much pride in their ability to inspire, educate, warn and pass down their culture and history through their words. Then it’s no surprise, that those who have mastered the Somali language and are able to effortless and beautifully capture the imagination and attention their listeners are honoured a high status in the nomadic social hierarchy. 

Proverbs are a very day way of the elders and the community to warn each other of our short comings, to be thankful and humble, to know our place in making our society functional and in being the gate keepers of our culture and traditions. And it is women, who are the holders of the master key to ensuring the knowledge of our ancestors are not forgotten, left behind or fall to the pass of time.

If we are to look at human history in general you will no doubt find a woman behind many of the most successful men who we praise for inventions, revolutions, discovery and so much more. But, often the women who they thank for their achievements being a possibility are sidelined, erased from history or are simply taken for granted. However, recently there is a raise in reconsigning many women in history who accompanied, supported, believed in and in some the played a key role in the achievement the men are well known and appraised for.  

I just want to draw attention to the fact that more women should be celebrated in our education system, in our awards ceremonies, in mainstream media and in social memorials. Because, life on this little blue planet is maintained by a balance of energies and opposites that without one the other would not exist. 


As I was growing up I was constantly exposed to great scientific minds from various backgrounds and even cultures. It was when I was in the latter years of my schooling that I began to notice that women where not included in the numerous examples our teachers would use in their teaching materials. At first I wondered if it was because there was a lack of intellectual, creative and pioneering women in every field we studied at school. Fortunately, this was not the case, there numerous role models and examples of successful women (even if they aren’t award winners) who have changed the face of every field known to humans. 

So, if you are reading this and you are in a position to make changes in what our youth and society is exposed, then I highly advice you include women who have made contributions to our collective human history. Because when we know that others like us have a place in history then we are inspired to strive and thrive in whatever we choose to follow. Representation matters. 

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