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Introducing A New Original Play – Arawelo

The Production Team

Arawelo The Play A New Play by Demi Wilson-Smith and directed by Poppy Clifford in collaboration with Queen of Sheba International. A story based on Somalia’s most notorious WarriorQueen- Arawelo. In feudal nomadic Somali- the first East African feminist was born! We love performing arts and telling empowering stories from the BAME communities. We are working on retelling one of the most famous Somali folklore using traditional performing arts and incorporating traditional storytelling. Somali’s are well known for their oral traditions and skills in poetry. Somali culture has a wealth of beauty to explore and experience – energetic dances to soul-enriching poetry. We want to share the deep culture and history of the Somali people.

Smiles and hugs all around, Photoshoot 2018

We will tell the story of Arawelo the Queen of Somali, born in feudal Somalia. Her story is one shrouded in mystery and myths. Some say she is just a mythical legend while others argue her case as a legend. Either way, all agree on one thing, she was a pioneer in female empowerment, and a castrato of men. A femme fatal with a deadly aim, a badass warrior Queen who brought peace to her kingdom. The production will showcase a range of Somali dances, music, poetry, traditional customs, nomadic stage props.

Scratch Cast and Crew 03/10/2018

We will continue producing this amazing production. We are working towards enriching the performing arts sector through diversity and authentic representations of BAME communities and their stories.

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