Human beings are never without a fault – Aaddane eed ma waayo

Aaddane eed ma waayo ~Human beings are never without a fault

Imperfection is one of the most talked about topic when it comes to people in general. Some of us look for perfection in the works we create, others seek to find perfection through hard work and conviction (practice makes perfect); while others seek perfection from an external source. We strive to look for a utopia where all of our dreams are just waiting for us. 

So it’s a nice reminder to come across wise sayings like the proverb above to help us refocus on our human journey and not fixate on the faults in our image we see in our reflection. Where would we be without the scars that healed, the mistakes we’ve learnt from and to the naysayers we’ve proven wrong? It is our faults and short comings that lead us to the path of success (however we define it).

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