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Beautiful BAME Breasts – Awareness tips in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

By Damilola Gbinigie 

October 7th 2018

Most of us will have been touched by cancer in one shape or form. As it is Breast Cancer Awareness month I started writing this blog and had to put my pen down several times before I could muscle up the courage to continue simply because in my experience breast cancer is very close to home, it is not just a headline report or national event, it is for real. I can still remember that gut-wrenching conversation I had with my sister confirming that our dear Mum had breast cancer and the palpitations my heartfelt afterwards. 

  1. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women the UK. 

  2. Check, check and check your breasts regularly. Get comfortable with looking at and feeling your breasts so you know what’s normal for you. 

  3. Tell your GP if you notice anything unusual as early diagnosis is the key to saving lives. 

  4. Make sure you attend all your screenings. 

  5. Keep healthy by eating lots of fruit and vegetables whilst reducing processed food. 

  6. Control your weight. 

  7. Use paraben-free beauty products. 

  8. Manage the stress levels in your lives. This blog is dedicated to my mother and all our loved ones claimed by cancer. You will forever, always be in our hearts. Share link

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