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Arawelo – Scratch Performance Part 1

The Scratch Performance

 Arawelo is a new original play written by Demi Wilson-Smith in collaboration with Queen of Sheba International (QSI) and directed by Poppy Clifford. It tells the story of an infamous nomadic Warrior Queen of the Somali people. It is a period piece that uses traditional forms of storytelling, including exciting twists that incorporate mainstream and regional Somali dance and songs. The story creates a juxtaposition of the old and the new where a 2,000-year-old story meets 21st century South West London Somali family. This unique play has been brought to you by community support. Arawelo’s journey to self-discovery still has a vast relevance and will become a platform for various discussion for both the Somali and wider BAME community. Arawelo will celebrate the beauty of womanhood in its entirety. We hope to promote a positive image of Somalis and their culture, celebrating narratives that empower. Arawelo is a platform for young Somalis and BAME individuals to have better access to the arts, by providing them with the opportunity to engage in native stories and pass on traditions so that they can inspire others. 

Guest Speakers

 Hanna Ali | Warda Adam Noor  Our panel of wonderful women gave talks on the topic of Womanhood. We celebrated International Women’s Day in style by creating a platform where young women could be inspired by their fellow sisters who shared their advice and their talents to all of our guest of which the majority were young women. Hanna Ali is a writer and a poet, who has published her debut book “Sheekadii noloshayada” (The Story of Us) in the Somali language as both in audio and e-book format. She is well versed in Afro-Arab identity and migrants. A lovely and warm soul to be around!  Warda Adam Noor has studied sports and physiotherapy and is a fitness instructor in Pilates, HIIT CrossFit and Kettlebell. She covers health issues in pain management and advocates for holistic health care and self-management. She loves to teach her community how to manage joint pain, with an emphasis on how her community can develop and increase body awareness. A passionate soul!  This scratch was held to support the IFYE centre library in Mogadishu, which promotes the culture of reading and creative writing in Somali speaking society, with a particular focus on youth.  This event was supported by Fresh Ground London and customs was sponsored by Xaraago

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