About Us

Promoting Somali Culture and Literature

Promoting Somali culture and literature through performing arts. We work with the BAME community in telling traditional stories produced through community contributions. We are working towards enriching the performing arts sector through diversity and authentic representations of BAME communities and their stories.

The current need we are addressing
Include but not limited to creating fusion performing arts inspired by traditional forms and modern cultures. We work in collaboration with local organisations to support them in gaining the capacity to reach a wider community with a holistic impact on the community. We are providing a very essential contribution to the arts by promoting stories from BAME culture and literature and providing a platform for women from the BAME community to take part in producing works related to their cultures. We know that there is a lack of representation of women and BAME in the performing arts sector. Our Arawelo project is working towards reducing the lack of representation both by people of colour, their stories and women.

We provide services that inspire others to support local communities and entrepreneurs. Particularly work produced by women in areas such as directing, producing, acting, writing where they are highly underrepresented. With a particular focus on women from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds.  Our company provides a safe space for our cast and crew to grow as individuals, as artists and to contribute towards inspiring other BAME women who normally wouldn’t access the performing arts to see performing arts as being for them as well.

We have had an amazing show of support from our local communities in South West London which have been past successful. We have performed our first scratch performance called Arawelo: Celebration of Womanhood which had a good turn out from the local community. Our organisation is qualified to deliver these services because we are from a diverse BAME community, have experienced both in the performing arts and outside of, and we are all women who have various experiences with the stories we bring to our audiences. We want to work with local organisations and businesses to provide services that engage local communities.


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